About Me

I am in my final year at RIT and will be graduating in May with a degree in Software Engineering.  I currently work as a web developer for random people across the New York State.

In my free time I love to travel and watch sports.  I haven’t been many places yet, but am planning a possible trip to Europe after graduation.  The places I have been include NYC (where I live and will live after graduation), Niagara Falls (both NY and Canada side), Poconos (little mountain range in Pennsylvania only 90 minutes from NYC), Washington D.C., Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas and random places in the Southeast.

I watch the major sports in the U.S. with my favorite teams being the New York Mets (MLB), New Jersey Devils (NHL) and San Diego Chargers (NFL).  I don’t watch NBA as much as I used to and don’t really have a favorite team.


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