Armando Galarraga’s One-Hitter

Armando Galarraga perfect game ruined by a bad call

Just Another “Fire Jerry Manuel” Post

There are so many fire Jerry Manuel post’s out there so I decided to throw up my own reasoning on why Jerry Manuel is not right for the Mets. He brings absolutely no fire.  He always seems like he is about to fall asleep every game.  His style of managing clearly isn’t working with this [...]

Detroit, MI and the Frozen Four

Frozen Four I spent the past weekend in Detroit to watch RIT’s first game at the Frozen Four.  It was a bit disappointing to see them lose 8-1 against the Wisconsin Badgers, but it was a great experience.  Throughout the weekend, I heard many people stating that RIT showed that they don’t belong in the [...]

RIT Tigers Eastern Regnional Hockey Champion!

Congratulations to the RIT Tigers hockey team for winning the eastern regional tonight. RIT put its name on the map last night by defeating the #2 overall seed, Denver University, 2-1. They came back tonight on fire and dominated UNH in a 6-2 victory. Jared DeMichiel was given MVP honors with 39 saves in the [...]

Brett Favre: The most Overrated QB in the League

I am sick and tired about hearing Brett Favre mentioned in every SportsCenter. Here’s an idea ESPN, get off Brett Favre’s dick. It isn’t 1990s anymore, he is not nearly as good as he was back then. More importantly he always seems to throw interceptions at the most crucial times in games. Why don’t analysts [...]


The signing of Ladanian Tomlinson has been widely reported as a great deal for the Jets.  I don’t feel the same.  I stopped liking Ladanian Tomlinson two years ago when he sat out of the playoffs with a injured toe.  These past two years he has put up no where near the stats of his [...]