Wine and Food Pairing – 3 Week Update

The app has been on the market for 3 weeks now, and I am impressed with the number of uses and downloads.  The number of downloads have been dramatically increasing the past couple of days, well over 100 downloads each day as opposed to the usual 50 downloads each day (after the first couple of days the downloads dropped).  Here are the stats for the ad-supported app as of earlier this morning:

1938 total downloads, 1641 active installs for an 84.67% active install rate.  I am very happy with the percentage of active installs as it shows how many people find the app useful and plan on using it in the future as opposed to a single use application.

The usage of the app has dramatically increased as well.  When the app first started, the average usage was 2 times per active user, but that is now up to 5.8 times per active user.  It was used the most yesterday at 906 times.  Today, the app has already been used 435 times, so it has a good chance of beating yesterday’s mark.

Keep the suggestions coming regarding future enhancements.


  • bill gray says:

    The app is not accessing your webpages on the wine parings. Any suggestions as to why?

  • Brian says:

    Not sure why, it seems to be working for me. Do you have a connection right now? Can you connect to any webpages?

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