Brett Favre: The most Overrated QB in the League

I am sick and tired about hearing Brett Favre mentioned in every SportsCenter. Here’s an idea ESPN, get off Brett Favre’s dick. It isn’t 1990s anymore, he is not nearly as good as he was back then. More importantly he always seems to throw interceptions at the most crucial times in games. Why don’t analysts focus on players that are good now and not good 10-15 years ago?  Do I care if Brett Favre comes back next year? Absolutely not.  If Brett Favre comes back will the Vikings have a good shot at winning? Not a chance.

At best he is just an average QB in the league. This past year, Brett Favre faced the worse defenses in the league including the Lions twice (worst defensive team in NFL) and the Browns (second worst defense in NFL). They played 6 teams in the top ten of defense last year, but only scored 7 points against the Panthers and the Steelers with Polamalu injured. Throughout the regular season they played half their schedule in the bottom 10 of defenses. So is he a good quarterback, or a lackluster schedule for the year? I chalk it up to the lackluster schedule.

So please ESPN, can we have some other stories besides Brett Favre? Maybe one story will suffice if/when he agrees to play.

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