The signing of Ladanian Tomlinson has been widely reported as a great deal for the Jets.  I don’t feel the same.  I stopped liking Ladanian Tomlinson two years ago when he sat out of the playoffs with a injured toe.  These past two years he has put up no where near the stats of his first seven years in the league.

Some may argue that he just didn’t get the opportunity to run in San Diego, which may be true.  But the times he did have an opportunity the run, the defense could not be focused on a run play since the Chargers 2009 Offense passed the ball 70% of the time.  Even with the defense geared to pass, he averaged a mediocre 3.3 yards per rush.  This compared to the Chargers 2006 offense where Tomlinson averaged 5.2 yards per rush with more than 50% of the offensive plays being rushing plays.

I am not trying to say Ladanian Tomlinson is washed up and can’t play no more, because he definitely still can.  I am saying that he is no longer the power back that all the analysts like to make you believe.

It will be interesting to see how LT performs in offense that is clearly focused on rushing the ball.

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